Fatima Derby 

 Fatima Derby is Through the Eyes of African Women’s beloved community manager. She is a vibrant young feminist from Ghana who strongly believes that the way to achieve African women’s liberation is by ensuring that we are visible and by affirming our rights to voice, choice and agency.

1. What 5 words would you use to describe yourself? 

  • Feminist

  • Easygoing

  • Passionate

  • Free-spirited

  • Empathetic

2. What 3 words come to mind when you think of TEAW? 

  • Fun

  • Engaging

  • Vibrant

3. Why did you join? 

  I joined TEAW because I’m a listener and teller of stories. I believe that African women’s liberation is linked to our visibility and the strength of our voices in both virtual and tangible spaces. TEAW gives me an opportunity to be part of a process that amplifies the lives and experiences of African women in a way that humanizes and empowers us.

4. What energises you the most about working on TEAW? 

TEAW is a safe and affirming space that makes me feel that my contributions are valid and important. This knowledge gives me the confidence to be at my creative best without fear of judgement. 

5. How has being on the team impacted you?

The team is made of diverse women from different regions with distinct ways of thinking and approaches to problem-solving. Being on the team has given me a more comprehensive perspective on our struggles as African women and the many many ways that we’re resisting systematic oppression.

6. What do you envision when you think about the future of TEAW?

When I think of the future of TEAW, I hear the voices of many young African women speaking all at once, but each voice is unique and be can be heard distinctly. For me, the future of Through the Eyes of African Women is one where we are recognized globally as a space where young African women are able to experience boundless freedom of expression and ways of being.