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Letter from the founder

Through the Eyes of African Women is a space to nurture our minds by learning from and reflecting on the richness, multiplicity and diversity of knowledge that we as African women create. I started Through the Eyes of African Women because I wanted a way to share the profound experiences and perspectives of African women that often go relatively unnoticed. However, Through the Eyes of African Women isn't just about sharing the stories of African women. I wanted to create a space that felt deeply introspective and reflective. A space for pause, where young African women and girls, like me, could come to reflect on or maybe find answers to the deeper questions we ask ourselves and the world around us. I wanted it to be a space that reminds each of us of the power that we hold.

Being a proudly critical and independent person that claims her right to voice, choice and agency is no small feat in a world that constantly tries to diminish African women and girls. That is why I feel it is so important have spaces that are completely dedicated to serving young women like this, and empowering the curious minds and courageous actions of young women in Africa. There is undoubtedly an ever-growing movement of African women reclaiming and commanding our narratives. We are playing our part with Through the Eyes of African Women by making it easier for rising generations to engage with the powerful narratives and perspectives African women have to offer.

I hope that TEAW comes to be seen as a space that elevates our internal and collective conversations, so that we have what it takes to construct our identities in resistance and continuously reinforce our commitments to being vocal, critical and creative thinkers for the betterment of ourselves and our societies.

- Anwulika Ngozi Okonjo