BY Us, for us

Through the Eyes of African Women is a youth-led social impact organisation dedicated to empowering young African women to reclaim and command their narratives.


Through the Eyes of African Women creates digital resources, grounded in engagement with the experiences and perspectives of African women from all backgrounds so that young women and girls are able to learn from the knowledge other African women create. We document and share honest, nuanced narratives, paying particular attention to African women’s involvement in social justice efforts, and encouraging young women to use their voices to speak out honestly too. We challenge African women and girls to radically reimagine their lives and communities by creating spaces that facilitate open dialogue, personal introspection and that enhance critical consciousness amongst young women. By demonstrating the power of African women’s voices, we help to advocate for social movements lead by young African women and build connections across groups and movements.

We're committed to ensuring that African women take their rightful place in Herstory.

At Through the Eyes of African Women, we believe that young African women deserve to connect to their histories and know that they are capable of transformative action. As young women ourselves, we understand the need for more spaces and resources affirming our rights to voice, choice and agency. As a team, we are extremely passionate about increasing African women’s visibility, so that no girl feels alone in her fight for liberation.