Our Team

Meet our fabulous team!


Anwulika, founder


Tari, chief operations officer

Ayibaitariworio, or Tari, Clement is an undergraduate Ijaw student at the University of Pennsylvania. She is known for her interest in languages and cultures, global affairs, business, and human rights. Correspondingly, she has found an immediate purpose to develop her exploited region, the Niger Delta, and the rest of Sub-Suharan Africa through investments and public policy advocacy. She hopes to advance that mission through research and initiatives. At school, Clement is a second year in the Wharton School of Business who intends to concentrate in Management and Behavioral Economics.


Margret, data manager

Margret Azuma is currently a freelance software developer and the Blog Coordinator for Asequals Africa (a youth-led feminist organization). She is unapologetic feminist, auntie, dreamer, thinker and a wanna be UN Sec-General. She lives to seek answers to the plethora of questions her inherently fucked up mind asks.


Charlene, Curator

Charlene Ngige is a student at the University of Pennsylvania focusing on Global Studies and International Development. She's passionate about women's empowerment and the liberation of all marginalized identities. A feminist, self-love advocate, skincare enthusiast and cat lover, Charlene enjoys writing and attending concerts in her spare time. Her goal for the future is to engage in work that's meaningful and fulfilling.


Tito, editor in chief

Sanusi Boluwatito is a law student at the University of Lagos and has a passion for Gender and Human Rights law. She's the Assistant Editor-in-chief of As Equals Africa and the Online Editor of her faculty's law journal, the Unilag Law Review.

When she's not plotting world domination, she can be found listening to old soul music and blaming her love for food on the Ivorian side of her family.

Tife, events & marketing

Sanusi Boluwatife is a dental student at Obafemi Awolowo University. Winner of the Cocacola pitching competition for startups and a For Creative Girls alumni, she is also the cofounder of The Book Club Africa and a content writer for As Equals Africa. She can usually be found defending her addiction to chocolates and trolling her friends online. 


Mariam, social media coordinator

Mariam Adesope is a communicator, music enthusiast,  professional fan girl, former Social Media Director for AsEquals Africa and currently a social media and communication coordinator for Through the Eyes of African Women (TEAW). Mariam is extremely passionate about women issues and you can find her on twitter @mariamadesope tweeting about her favorite artistes and songs.