Voter's Card

Tomorrow, I'll go

Join the queue, get the card

So I can cast my vote.

But, for now I'll tweet

How important this is. 

For, without the likes and retweets

This feeling is sour, at best, bittersweet.

All this hassle when the result has been rigged.

A dirty game, this politics.

My nephew is underaged, 

But he has his voter's card. 

He has free time, there was no light, he was bored...

They gave him his card, a week ago.

When I asked him what party he'll vote for,

He smiled, he laughed, he shrugged, and casually said

"Na who pay pass, go get my vote."

In response, My mother scolds him, but her rebuke is weak.

Just like the resolve of many,

Wielding a voter's card.

My father has his card,

And by now, we all know who'll get his vote.

He recites his decision when the beer is cold.

Still, I vividly recall an incident that took place four  years ago.

On a friday morning, he left home, full of hope, to cast his vote.

Joined the queue, the bribes,  refused. But, was ill prepared

For the hours it would take and the fight that ensued.

In which he got shoved, came back home, fairly bruised.

"How did it go?"

"I didn't vote!" He growled, as he slammed the door to his room.

The other party, won.

I remember that too.

My aunt, has pity in her eyes

For all who place their trust

In this little card.

"Prayer and fasting, is what this country needs."

She has said, one too many times.

With sufficient prayers, the corrupt will die in their sleep,

And the Chosen Ones, will step in.

Prayer is the only thing, that can't be rigged.

Today is tomorrow,

And I won't be able to make it, afterall.

I am Nigerian, I have too many things on my plate.

Too many, you see, to meddle with my country's fate.

We've survived all these while,

What's one more day

To procrastinate.

All this hassle, when the result's been rigged.

I tell you, it's a dirty game

This politics.

Obehi Aigiomawu, (pen name, VESSEL) is a twenty four year old writer who lives in Nigeria. She studied English and Literature at the University of Benin and spends her time writing poetry for her Instagram account (@vessel_poetry), putting together her upcoming anthology "Of Humans" and indulging in a recent hobby, Photography.

In 2013, her poem 'Baptism' was featured on literary blog, Brittlepaper and in 2016/2017, she made the top 100 exceptional entry list for the Poets in Nigeria students writing competition. She co-wrote a collection of poems titled 'Can You Keep Our Secrets?' currently available on Amazon.

Recently diagnosed with depression, she aims to create awareness on mental health issues as well as random issues that plague human race.