Flawed? explores the stigma and negative reactions associated with skin conditions in Africa.It was inspired by the people I know with vitiligo and albinism. The poem also expresses that beauty is beyond skin deep and loving ones uniqueness in itself makes one beautiful.

I can't imagine

Why they keep cringing

With their gazes terrifying

And their stares penetrating

The very skin they deem unfit

Ugly, flawed, deficit

Its uneven colouration

Attracting demeaning attention

The abundant arrays

Of freckles on my face

The strange blending

Of rays and little of melanin

For these covers your look abhors

Is no different from yours

Why can't you see

Its beauty on me

These imperfections of mine

In many ways define

My uniqueness

My completeness

This is my skin

And it is the most beautiful 

you've ever seen.

Poetry for me is a means of discourse and enlightenment. I believe in the power of words and the messages they can pass across. Centering on social issues that are apparent and those that are not, my poems try to tell stories from a wide range of perspectives.

I am also an avid reader, crocheter and knowledge seeker.